Technology and Its Use

Control Automation — Improve Efficiency And Safety

Rigorous safety measures must be implemented when performing hydraulic fracturing (fracking). One way to reduce potential hazards is by using a software program that remotely monitors worksites and maintains inventory essentials. 

The Fracking Process

The high-pressure water and sand that are used throughout the fracking process need to be monitored closely. Due to the amount of greenhouse gases and wastewater that are generated throughout each fracking session, the environment is threatened.

Mechanical failures could lead to polluted groundwater and damage to wildlife habitats. If workers are placed in dangerous areas, their lives are at risk.


The use of a control automation system mitigates risks to the environment and to oilfield technicians. Once you use a software program, many of the job duties that your oil rigging team members currently perform can be conducted offsite.

An automated control system will allow you to keep a close eye on all of the equipment that is used in your line of business. Monitoring software will alert you in real-time. It will keep track of how much oil is yielded, plus will help you keep track of how much inventory you have stored in silos and other storage containers that house oilfield essentials.

Coordinating Each Project

Automated technology puts you in control of how you will run each oilfield project. An app contains many features that will monitor each area within your work field.

If you have employees scheduled to work in an area that is at high risk, once the app alerts you, you can halt operations. This will provide the opportunity to have the equipment serviced promptly. An app will reduce downtime, plus will increase your ability to perform job duties in an organized fashion.

Getting Started

A supplier can advise you on which type of automation system will be suited for the day-to-day operations that you oversee. A technician will need to install the software and other components that are part of the system.

The equipment can be set up directly inside your data van. This will provide your engineers, treaters, and service supervisors with a viable way to keep track of how operations are being conducted. 

You will be supplied with a way to order inventory and keep track of the deliveries. Once products arrive at a job site, the automated program will notify you.

The use of an automated system will streamline the job duties that every member of your oilfield rigging team is responsible for.

To learn more about control automation systems for oilfields, reach out to a service provider.